La Banchetta was created as a metal bank in 1978 at Valenza.

since time immemorial renowned as the city of gold. Since the beginning of the XX century in fact its economy is based on the production of handmade jewelry, whose name and importance are recognized worldwide.

For almost forty years La Banchetta has therefore been satisfying the requests of both precious metal manufacturers and traders with efficiency, transparency and great seriousness.
La Banchetta Valenza: Professional Gold Dealers

Professional dealers

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Services for
private individuals

Purchases for private individuals
“Easy to buy” pure investment gold and just as simple to sell and liquidate the pure metal owned. Our proposal is referred to the "diversification" of the investment; it is in fact very timely to convert part of the liquidity into physical gold to reduce equity and bond risks.

Services for

Servizi per fabbricanti gioiellerie e compro oro
For years we have been recovering the precious metal from the filings, gravures and processing scraps of the goldsmith production chain. We proceed to the melting, titration and restitution of 999.9 pure gold and other precious metals contained (silver, platinum and palladium).

Services for
jewelleries, "compro oro"

Purchases for jewelleries and compro oro
For retailers and gold buyers registered with the Organism of Agents and Brokers (OAM), we work with the utmost care and seriousness on collected scrap, quickly transforming it into new liquidity at the highest market prices. Contact us by phone to arrange collection and processing.

The private individual who wants to invest in pure gold
The private individual who wants to invest in pure gold
He can do it purchasing gold bars or plates (exempt from VAT ex art. 10 no. 11 of Presidential Decree 672/33). In this case, once he/she decides, he/she fixes the price according to day quotation and, after email exchange for sale and purchase confirmation, the goods are delivered through cash courier (with little extra contribution) or by hand.
Professional Gold Dealers with clear target market
Professional Gold Dealers with clear target market
We turn to Professionals (traders and retailers)By purchasing precious objects from private citizens, they have to get back the monetary equivalent of these objects. We check the articles and pay for them.